Subtraction Tricks to Get Answers in Seconds

Concept 1 (Match and Mismatch)

To perform subtractions through Vedic maths tricks, it is crucial for your child to understand that smaller numbers can be subtracted from greater numbers but greater numbers can’t be subtracted from smaller numbers. This is the concept of Match and Mismatch.

  • 8–5 is possible. You will get the answer as 3
  • However, 3–6 is not possible

Concept 2 (Complements)

Complements are the unit digit numbers, which give the sum as 10.

  • If we add 7 to 3, the answer will be 10.
  • Similarly, if we add 3 to 7, the answer will again be 10. So, 7 and 3 are complements.
  • 2 & 8
  • 3 & 7
  • 4 & 6
  • 5 & 5

Trick 1

Ask your kid to solve the following problem:

Trick 2

If you get a question like 10000–4568, simply subtract all the digits from 9 except for the last digit, which is to be subtracted by 10.



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