Quick Guide to Ace the Grace of Kathak for Beginners!

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“To know your best form, immerse yourself in art.” — Anonymous

Indian Classical Dance forms are no less than physical gestures of pure art, a nourishing self-discovery, connect with inner consciousness.

One of the most difficult Indian Classical Dance Form is Kathak.

‘Kathak’ as the name goes, is a dance form that portrays storytelling. Danseuse performing kathak is equivalent to the mystical tale of Radha and Krishna in a rhythmic motion. No wonder, anyone who is into learning and training Kathak commands huge respect in our Indian society.

For more than 6 decades, this art form has been popularised by reverent, ‘Nritya Samagrini’ — Late Sitara Devi and many other Kathak Gurus, whose efforts have put Kathak dance form on the global map of popular Indian Classical Dance Forms.

There are innumerable benefits of engaging in professional Kathak Tutorials for kids and beginners. But what comes former are the concerns parents may have, while starting with online kathak coaching for kids. Let us right away jump to those concerns and clear the cloudy stage, so that your kid can make the best out of Kathak dance tutorials online.

The initial preparation needed to begin with online kathak dance classes.

Understand this if you are the learner!

  • Your thought process towards Kathak Classes.

It is not a subject. It is only and only a dance form. So try not to think of ‘learning it’ but ‘doing it’ after taking mental notes of Kathak Guru’s teachings. This simple mental shift will ease your approach towards Kathak.

  • Prepare your body for kathak tutorials well in advance.

Telling a story verbally needs your breath. Enacting a story physically through the body needs you to be fit. Get into a healthy exercise routine to build your stamina for overall body movement and increase flexibility.

  • Warm-up your body before touching upon the beginning steps.

However fit you are, a basic awakening is necessary for the body to get tuned for localized body part movement like the torso, the footwork, neck movements, and facial expressions. Warmup before kathak is extremely important.

  • Your mindset and faith in your ability.

There can be numerous apprehensions like, “is kathak learning difficult?” OR “how can a beginner do well in Kathak dance?”. First thing: It all depends on your faith in yourself.

Respect yourself for choosing to learn this intricate dance form. Saying to self, “I am beautiful”, “I am powerful”, “I can communicate with others through my movements.” are the first set of beliefs to make you grace the stage with ease.

  • For parents, in the process of online kathak tutorials for kids:

A lot of parents might be struggling with, “how can we motivate kids to learn kathak?” OR “Is my 5-year-old daughter too young to learn kathak?” OR “what is easier to learn, Kathak or Bharatnatyam?” and last but not the least, “how to generate interest of kids in learning classical dance forms?”

All these questions can have answers. Provided, you do thorough research on online Kathak Dance Classes, their techniques for learning kathak easily, and teacher interaction.

Some quick tips!

  • Don’t rush. Take ample time to gather knowledge about the Kathak dance form and its main constituents. This basic knowledge about Kathak dance will be always helpful while selecting the right coaching for Kathak Dance.
  • The next step is to find a professional Kathak dance tutor online or offline who has the required experience of tutoring kids for kathak of that particular age category.
  • A professional and experienced Kathak Guru will always make sure to motivate your kid, talk to them, educate in a way that they start loving the dance form.
  • Building the right environment: Introduce your kid to semi-classical music, the joy of wearing ghunghroos and articulating a story through the footwork, the beautiful kathak dress worn by the danseuse. Also, communicate to them the benefits of learning Kathak dance online, like healthy weight management, chances to do live stage shows, and garner huge appreciation and respect from peers and teachers.
  • Kathak learning is a discipline. As a parent, research well on, ‘healthy diet for kathak dancers’ to give adequate energy and vitality before a hectic online Kathak Dance session.
  • Don’t push. Kathak can’t be learned forcefully. One-on-one online kathak dance tutorials are good enough, but try to find someone who can further kindle the interest of your kid in learning Indian Classical Dance forms.

These were the basic tips for beginners in Kathak. However, there is no dictionary to ace Kathak Dance Steps.. It all depends on how rooted the learner is to the dance form and enjoys the classical storytelling dance mudras.

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