Abacus — Why should we use both hands to operate it?

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“Let your kids be fearless in solving maths equations.”

Abacus is a powerful tool that helps children improve their numerical ability and arithmetic understanding in an innovative way. It is a handy tool that is simple to understand and use. The abacus can help children improve their maths skills, master the maths basics faster, complete maths homework without asking for help, and aids in enhancing grades. Many kids suffer from maths anxiety and lose interest in the subject from an early age due to which they find it hard to learn and lack in basics. Thus, the abacus is a toy-like tool that fascinates kids to build mathematical skills and interest in the subject. It persuades children to learn and remember the fundamentals on tips. Learning with tangible objects is joyful and interesting, and it allows youngsters to retain information for a much longer amount of time. Many schools and even parents prefer online abacus classes to assist kids to improve the speed in solving mathematical calculations.

Key Benefits Of Enrolling In Online Abacus

  1. It improves focus & concentration in kids.
  2. Enhances problem-solving skills.
  3. Kids get more confident in solving equations.
  4. Increases the strength of the brain.
  5. Increases visualization skills.
  6. Enhances speed & accuracy.
  7. Aids logical reasoning.
  8. Online abacus classes boost creativity in kids.
  9. Assist in building a strong foundation in math's.
  10. Improves listening skills.

Online Abacus classes can be a true companion for your children, allowing them to complete the calculations in minutes with ease.

Does your child perform abacus calculations with one or both hands? It is believed that using both hands to operate the abacus is beneficial.

Why should Kids use both hands to operate an Abacus?

1. When children use both hands, they improve their speed, accuracy, and capacity. The left hand is responsible for carrying and borrowing, and the right hand is responsible for handling the beads of the abacus.

2. Furthermore, operating it with both hands allows children to be more concentrated, focused, and less distracted.

3. Both hemispheres of the brain are targeted when kids use both hands to solve calculations and enhance brain coordination as well. Practising with both hands helps in increasing logic, analytical skills, reasoning skills, and creativity. The right hand activates the left side of the brain, and if a youngster operates with the left hand, it activates the right side.

4. What if you had to fold your clothing with one hand? Will it consume more time than required? However, if you fold it with two hands, it is easier, accessible, and faster. Similarly, when children use both hands to conduct mathematical calculations on an abacus, they learn faster and progress from one-digit numbers to two-digit numbers more quickly.

5. If children practice with two hands, they will be able to advance to higher levels of the abacus in less than 4–6 months.

6. Students who use both hands are less likely to repeat calculations or make mistakes.

As a result, it is vital to mention that starting from the two-hand method is not recommended because it is a bit complex. Children under the age of six who engage in online abacus classes should practice and maintain speed with one hand. For beginners, utilizing two hands will become more difficult. Beginner-level children should feed and concentrate on the fundamentals.

Moreover, Techniques can be added later, but it is more necessary to learn and master the fundamentals. It is vital to create a solid foundation for the child’s learning years so that they can understand the concepts better.

Online abacus classes will let your children put down their pens and notebooks and become mini calculators, solving problems in their heads. Children will feel more confident in their responses and will be more interested in participating in maths olympiads and tackling arithmetic puzzles in seconds.

Final Verdict

So, whether your child has a maths phobia, has a short attention span, a low learning capacity, poor academic performance, a lack of focus, a weak memory, or a lack of confidence in solving calculations, online abacus classes are the one-stop solution.

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