7 Things Parents Should Never Do To Their Kids

4 min readNov 14, 2022

No wonder parents are a significant part of every kid’s life. Kids learn (possibly) everything from them because they are their first teachers & mentors. They look after them when they need any suggestions or help. Kids seek guidance from them when they feel lost in life or in their careers.

But sometimes, as we might have witnessed, some parents are not the “ideal ones”. Because they are not there for their kids when they need them the most. They dismiss their kids, never take care of them (as they should), and whatnot! Such things happen because no one is born knowing how to be a parent. Some people have it instantly; whereas, some people take time to grasp parenting’s ins & outs, while others never get it at all throughout their lives.

Besides, parenting is not a bed of roses; it has hardships others might ignore or don’t want to see. But there are a lot of scenarios where parents, instead of doing good to their children, harm them. Sometimes intentionally & sometimes accidentally. There are various tips & tricks available where parents can help their kids to become the version of themselves. But today, we are discussing those things that parents should never do to their kids.

1) Ignoring The Kid

Perhaps one of the worst things any parent could do is ignore their kid when they need them the most. We know that everyone has their life and probably is busy living it as well. But when parents start ignoring their child’s needs or feelings, those children later in life face difficulty in building relationships or sometimes they behave rather aggressively about a small problem.

2) Comparing Them

Some of us might witness how comparing a kid to others affect them emotionally, physically & mentally. When parents compare their kids with others constantly, the process will increase stress & anxiety levels. The fear of not being enough or not doing enough is ingrained in their mind, which turns them into anxious messes. It decreases their self-esteem, and they start thinking everyone is better than them.

3) Invading Their Privacy

Privacy is a pivotal aspect of everyone’s life, either for kids or parents. We all know that. But when parents start invading their kids’ privacy, they restrict them from the feeling of being an essential person in a household. Not only that but also, it leaves numerous negative impacts on kids’ minds, such as depression, anxiety, and an imperfect relationship between parent & kid.

4) Pointing Their Flaws

We find it better when someone points out our flaws, but we prefer it to be done discreetly. Similarly, if parents point out their kids’ flaws with an explanation, it will undoubtedly help them understand where they are wrong and where they have to work. But if pointing out their flaws become parents’ usual “go-to”, then it hinders their personality development and makes them cautious with everything they do.

5) Disregarding Not Only Kid’s Mental Health But Theirs Too

Raising kids is a lot more than it appears on the outer surface. While growing up, kids face tremendous pressure emotionally & physically and not getting the proper care leaves them in a mental mess. Similarly, parents do face distinct factors that trigger their mental health. Instead of getting help, both (parents & kids) tend to become a bit aggressive, even on the small things.

6) Not Spending Enough Time With Their Kids

A healthy parent-child relationship requires spending some quality time together. We get that in today’s world, everybody is busy, especially parents. Because they are trying their best to give everything their children desire, except for time. It is crucial to know to spend at least 20 minutes a day with your little ones can do wonders.

7) Not Setting Boundaries

We get that it is essential to give freedom to your kids because they need it. But letting your children do whatever they want will not work in the long run. Right now, yes, it will work. But in the future, it will create more hurdles than ease. Not setting boundaries during the initial stage will make them habitual of getting things quickly in hand. The activity is destructive, considering, we all know how difficult life can be for adults.

Final Thoughts

We know that parenting is challenging. As much as you love your kids, at the same time, they do have the audacity to test your patience in numerous ways. Sometimes parents do these things willingly, and other times, they are oblivious to their long-term effects. Either way, above mentioned are some things that parents should never do to their kids, no matter the intentions.

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